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Baltimore Personal Injury Law Blog

5-vehicle wreck in Maryland results in injury

According to authorities, one person was injured in a five-vehicle accident on Interstate 70 in Washington County. The wreck occurred on Nov. 14.

According to the Maryland State Police, a Ford F-250 pickup truck driven by a 36-year-old man was traveling west on I-70 near Sharpsburg Pike when it rear-ended a 2012 Nissan, causing the Nissan to collide with the tail end of a Chevy Impala. The Impala, in turn, struck the back of a 2013 Subaru, a collision that caused the Subaru to swerve into an adjacent lane, where it was struck by a 2008 Honda.

What is Erb's Palsy?

Erb's Palsy is a form of nerve damage sometimes encountered in the Maryland medical system. It is most often caused by birth trauma, especially over-extension of the neck of an infant during the process of delivery. Although it may heal in many cases, especially with intense therapy and parental effort, there is the possibility that such a palsy may have life-long, deleterious effects.

The brachial plexus is a system of nerves that connects the arms and shoulders to the spinal cord. These nerves control all movement and sensation in these limbs. Erb's Palsy occurs when something damages these nerves, usually extreme traction on the neck. This can occur during birth, and about one to two of every 1,000 babies will experience this birth injury.

Maryland woman dies after being struck on sidewalk

Authorities in Maryland have reported that neither drugs nor alcohol appear to have contributed to an Oct. 28 accident that claimed the life of a 23-year-old pedestrian in Annapolis. The incident reportedly took place at approximately 3:18 p.m on Duke of Gloucester Street in the vicinity of Green Street.

That is where a southbound BMW sedan driven by an 81-year-old man struck the open door of a parked vehicle, authorities stated. The octogenarian's vehicle then crossed over to the northbound lane and mounted the curb, where it struck the 23-year-old woman, who had been walking with her family on the sidewalk. The woman is said to have been walking with her family when she was struck by the car.

Accident at Maryland intersection leaves 1 driver dead, 1 injured

An 85-year-old Brandywine woman was killed in an Oct. 25 car accident that occurred at 12:55 p.m. in Waldorf, Maryland. The crash took place at the intersection of Poplar Hill Road and St. Peter's Church Road, according to the Charles County Sheriff's Office. The Brandywine woman was driving a Honda CRV and traveling north on Poplar Road at the time of the accident.

As the Honda driver turned onto St. Peter's Church Road at the intersection, she reportedly failed to yield to an oncoming Toyota RAV4. The Toyota, driven by a 65-year-old woman from Waldorf, was traveling south when both vehicles collided at the intersection. Both women were taken to the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center for what appeared to be minor injuries at the time. A 19-year-old man was a passenger in the Toyota but was not injured in the accident.

Coverage under workers' compensation

Maryland workers may already know that most employers are required to offer workers' compensation benefits to their employees. Accidents resulting in personal injury to the employee that occurred on the job may be covered; however, not all injuries are. Once cleared to receive workers' compensation, medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, hospital care and partial income amounts are covered by an employer or the employer's insurance carrier.

Once a worker misses work for more than three days, he or she is entitled to benefits. If the worker misses more than two weeks, the first three days are paid also. It is important to report an accident immediately to the employer. If an employer or insurer objects to employee coverage, they are obligated to inform the worker and the Workers' Compensation Commission as to why they object. Temporary disability is paid, which equals about 66 percent of the worker's wage each week. This may not exceed the average weekly wage in Maryland.

Maryland chain-reaction crash sends 2 to trauma center

A Maryland car accident left at least four people injured on Oct. 10. Two of the people involved were airlifted to a regional trauma center after the Port Deposit accident. The crash occurred just before 3 p.m. on Craigtown Road.

A Ford Focus was moving in the southbound lane of Craigtown Road when the girl driving it attempted to travel through the intersection at Perrylawn Drive. As the vehicle crossed, it drove into the path of a Jeep. The Jeep broadsided the Focus, striking it on the passenger side and sending the Focus crashing into an Acura MDX that was stopped at the intersection on Craigtown Road. The force of the second impact sent the Acura crashing into a fourth vehicle, a pickup truck that was stopped behind it at the intersection.

Maryland woman killed in 2-vehicle collision

Law enforcement authorities reported that a 51-year-old woman was killed on Sept. 29 when her vehicle was struck by a pickup truck driven by a 25-year-old man. According to police reports, the woman was driving a 2010 Toyota RAV4 eastbound on Olney-Laytonsville Road while the man was driving a 2001 Ford F250 pickup truck westbound at the time of the collision.

The accident happened around 5:30 a.m. near Volunteer Drive. The driver of the pickup truck was apparently traveling back to his overnight work site in order to return equipment when the accident occurred. The man allegedly first drifted off the road. Upon re-entering the roadway, he reportedly crossed over the double centerline, striking the woman's vehicle.

Man killed in head-on collision in Maryland

Just before 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 26, a 29-year-old man from Fredericksburg, Virginia, was killed in a head-on collision while driving northbound on Ridge Road in Severn. After the accident, paramedics took him to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he was later pronounced dead.

According to Anne Arundel County Police, the wreck occurred when a 73-year-old Hanover woman driving a Audi Q7 SUV failed to follow a curve in the road. Her vehicle crossed the centerline and collided head-on into the now-deceased man's Kia Optima.

Who can be liable for medical malpractice?

Residents in Maryland may benefit from understanding more about who can be held liable for a medical malpractice injury. Dependent on the circumstances of the incident, the hospital, medical staff, practitioners and other medical professionals involved with the faulty treatment may be considered liable for the ensuing damages. Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities are often named as defendants in these types of lawsuits.

Pharmaceutical firms may be held liable if the product causes an injury and features substandard labeling that fails to adequately inform doctors or patients of the potential health risks. Under these types of circumstances, pharmaceutical companies' primary duty is to the practitioners. If the pharmaceutical company makes reasonable efforts to provide a warning about the risks, they may be protected from civil action. Products with inadequate warnings labels of potential risks are considered to be unreasonably dangerous, and the manufacturer may be held liable for damages.

8 injured in Maryland multi-vehicle collision

Investigators say that eight people were injured in a collision that involved at least five vehicles and forced the closure of Route 29 in Scaggsville near Johns Hopkins Road. The accident affected traffic in both directions but began in the northbound lanes around 4:45 p.m. on Sept. 9.

Although an investigation is still underway, police say that a 29-year-old man was speeding and driving erratically in a northbound Honda Pilot and ran into a Honda Crosstour and a Honda CR-V. Then the Pilot struck the median guardrail, which sent the SUV airborne. When the vehicle came down, it landed on a southbound Dodge Ram and travelled into a trailer attached to a Ford pickup truck. Officials had to close the entire section of highway in both directions until 8 p.m., directing traffic around the scene in the meantime.

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